Basketball Wednesday and how my iPhone saved my life

It’s basketball Tuesday and there are several inspirational stories going up. Big thanks to Rena Ball who pointed out several stories to me that are listed and round out this little edition.

Tierra Rogers
University of California women’s basketball player had her dream halted, but she realizes God is in control.

Jeremy Lin
This story busts several stereotypes, but I’ll let you read it and figure them out for yourself. Here’s what Harvard’s Jeremy Lin  says: “But I’m really passionate about Christianity and helping others. There’s a beauty in seeing people change their lifestyles for the better.”

Potter’s House
This Florida Christian high school considers traveling to out of state tournaments to be a ministry of sorts.

Boxer turned wrestler
This former Mike Tyson opponent said has found his niche coaching high school wrestlers, but said the student’s Christian spirit originally drew him to the sport.

Tim Tebow
His college career is over, but Focus on the Family has paid big bucks to put him on the center stage for football’s biggest game.

On a non-sports note, I really like my iPhone, but this guy took his to an all-new level. My battery would have never lasted that long though…  Make sure you read the last two paragraphs of this story, they’re my favorite part.


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