Inspiritional stories come from frozen tundra (Olympics)

Some would say I’ve sinned, since I haven’t watched one moment of the Winter Olympics! However, I’ll be the first to tell you there are some very inspirational faith-based stories to come out of this frozen gala north of the border.

From where I’m sitting out here, in my Winter Olympic snob seats, I think that speedskater Chad Hedrick might be my favorite story. 

He really began his walk with Christ between the games in Torino, Italy and Vancouver, Canada so writers are writing about the the difference that Christ has made in his life in those years. Even Hedrick has said he wasn’t the man he should have been. “I probably did some things I shouldn’t have previously,” he said in several interviews.

Randy Sumner, a recovering broadcaster with a GREAT Christian blog, had this to say about him. “Frankly he was obnoxious and tough to like at all even while winning,” Sumner wrote in this story.  (Make sure you poke around his blog a bit, it’s worth the visit.

Today, four years later, that “obnoxious and tough” character has done a 180-degree turn, where he comes across as very loving and humble, obvious in this Youtube video made by his Salt Lake City pastor.

Here’s a nice story from the Houston Chronicle that tells about his spiritual journey and about he and his wife losing a baby.

Cindy Klassen
Here’s an Olympian who’s Olympic dreams were smashed, and now she’s one of the most decorated Canadian Olympians ever. However, speed skater Cindy Klassen says it’s her faith, not her 7 medals that define her. This is a GREAT Youtube story about her. Here is a story from Canadian Christianity about her.


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