Player runs over teammate, changes life

Although this story is from Dec. 22, we’re making it the story of the day. (Or since we only update about twice a week, it’s the story of the half week…) It’s a great story about Ryan Woolley, now a UAB pitcher who went through some incredibly rough times after nearly killing a teammate. What I really like about the story is how it gets past a lot of the clichés that we Christians tend to use and just gets into a nuts and bolts story about how Wooley got on his knees in a jail cell and got in touch with God. It’s a long read but worth the time. Thanks to Rena Ball for finding and sending in.

Tony Richardson
As I watch this, the Jets and Colts are going toe-to-toe. One of the reasons the Jets are even in this game, is because of running back Tony Richardson. He’s one of the unsung workhorses of the NFL and devout about his faith. This is the closest he’s come to a Super Bowl, having played in 218 games over 15 seasons for three teams. (Yes, I know Colts won!)

Rams kicker
This story, about a player who certainly isn’t playing today because his team was horribl is a nice story because it shows that often, we find God in the valleys of life vs. the pinnacles.

Outfielder turned priest
The Oakland A’s top prospect, the MVP of the Arizona Fall League, has said adios to baseball and hello to the priesthood. Here’s an interesting story/editorial from about Desme’s decision from Catholic Online. According to this story, he’s not the first baseball player to follow God’s leading, but the story doesn’t mention Billy Sunday or Bobby Richardson.

Well, after I received these stories, I felt almost guilty having pulled for the Crimson Tide in the National Championship game aka The Rose Bowl. This story, about a number of the Longhorn’s Christian players, made my heart warm. This one, about Colt McCoy winning the FCA’s Bobby Bowden award, was nice as well and has a video.


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