Links and a little editorializing

I’m not sure what to think about this Christianity Today article. One thing I know for sure, Shirl James Hoffman, author of Good Game: Christianity and the Culture of Sports (Baylor University Press, 2010) is a very smart man. The present-day professor has also been a football player, referee and coach at different points in his life. I agree, the emphasis we put on sports is out of whack in our culture, and sometimes in our faith, and he points to many examples of this taking place. However, he puts spotlights on all of the negatives, but not on any of the positive outcomes of sports, or examples when athletes put their faith before their sport or when the playing fields develop the players’ character.

Mr. Hoffman might say that I’m wrong for doing this site because I put too much focus on sports. However, it’s my claim that there are many positive stories from the sports fields that can a) inspire us b) help us deepen our faith or just c) teach us. Would our time be better spent in the Bible? Maybe but I’m not really sure that God is calling us to a life of solitude, sitting on top of a mountain chanting.

Mr. Hoffman’s very long article (about a 15-minute read) should be read and thought about by all sports fans. It’s up to you to agree or disagree. You might be like me, agree with parts and disagree with others. Thank goodness we have people like Mr. Hoffman in Christendom who makes us think. Check out this Bible study that is designed to go with it. 

Tebow hysteria
Mr. Telander, a fellow who’s a pretty solid writer out of Chicago, has had his fill of Tim Tebow. Sounds like he and Mr. Hoffman should hang out for a bit. J Meanwhile, this Las Vegas writer lauds Tebow for staying true to his beliefs. Please note I’ve pretty much ignored all of the hysteria around Tebow this week, the Senior Bowl and the Super Bowl commercial. If you can’t get enough Timmy T coverage, go check out our friends at

Wyoming’s Grace Bible
Little Grace Bible College out of Wyoming has a slightly different perspective on sports, that Mr. Hoffman may appreciate. “These men know that I don’t care what type of basketball players they are when they leave here,” Bailey said. “I want men who are good husbands, good fathers, good employees. Everything is geared around that, and I don’t care if we go 0-32.” However, they haven’t been going 0-32 but won a national title last year.

Dolphins chaplain
Looks like our friend Art Stricklin is at the Super Bowl, he did a story on the Miami Dolphins chaplain who is excited about the opportunities he has this week.


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