Organizations try to spread the word at Winter Olympics

The world’s eyes are on Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, at least according to NBC, who’s broadcasting the international sporting showdown. A number of Christian organizations are stepping up to share their faith to athletes and visitors from around the world. From my limited poking around, it looks like the organization that is really on the forefront is called More Than Gold. Here’s their website. Here is a story from Charisma magazine that tells you about what More than Gold, and a few other organizations, are doing.

Meanwhile, Southern Baptists are also making a push across the border in support of the event. This story is about SBC missionary Derek Spain, who’s a chaplain at the Athletes’ Village. The story also gets into details of Spain and bobsledder John Napier’s relationship, and how Spain helped Napier deepen his faith with Christ. Here’s where he shares how Christ helped him through the loss of his father. And here’s a NBC profile about Napier where he shares his faith, and a little bit about his future, where he’ll be going to Afghanistan.    This is a nice story about how Napier helped the U.S. bobsled director quit smoking.

If you just want some athletes sharing about their faith, go to

And Beliefnet has some inspirational quotes and such up at their Olympic site.

If you’re getting the shakes because you’re missing college football, here’s a story from Nebraska about how some of the athletes are going around the state sharing their faith.

Tony Dungy
Here’s a nice, in-depth story on Tony Dungy and his impact. Sorry, I meant to post it three weeks ago when it originally came out


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