NFL playoffs in high gear

Lots of Christians are squaring off today in the NFL. And please forgive me, I have a sarcastic side that doesn’t necessarily mesh with Proverbs. However, sometimes, as Christians, we will think that since we’re Mr. or Ms.  Goody Two Shoes, we should win the game. So, today, Drew Brees and Kurt Warner face off in the playoffs. Does that mean we’ll know who is the best Christian by who wins? 

If you want to read a story about Kurt Warner and his faith, simply put Kurt Warner and Christian in Google. There are plenty, or read one of his books about his faith.

This is a nice story about Brees.

Long time Baltimore Raven kicker Matt Stover will be kicking for Indianapolis. Ravens cut him, and Colts picked him up when Adam Vinatieri went down. He is THE reason that I’m pulling for the Colts and who they’re using in the playoffs. I like the idea of Stover picking up another Super Bowl ring and him stickin’ it to his old team, although he’s pretty grown-up about it. Here’s how he came to a stronger relationship with Christ.

 These aren’t the only Christians in the playoffs, but a few who jump to mind.

David Beckham
This will explain all about David, his faith and his tattoos, or maybe not

Tommie Harris
Here’s a blog posting about Tommie Harris that I found a tad judgmental. What do you think. Here’s a video of the punch it refers to.

C.J. Spiller
Here’s a nice story about Clemson’s CJ Spiller and how he watches his step locally because of his influence.


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