Actions preach louder than words

The theme for today’s first two stories should be actions. These two athletes are about their faith, but let their actions do the preaching. This is a terrific story, although it’s not blatantly Christian in the sense that there are Bible verses all over it and the athlete is talking about his relationship with Christ. However, LSU tackle Ciron Black’s actions are incredibly Christ like and there is a Bible verse in there. Enjoy it here.

USC kicker
We made sure we got this one up before tonight’s Emerald Bowl. Barely made it! This is an interesting story about Jordan Congdon, Southern Cal’s kicker, who lets his actions speak louder than his words. Nice story here.

Carlos Dunlap
“Sometimes the Lord has a calling on your life and you don’t know why. But things happen for a reason,” Carlos Dunlap Sr. said. Senior is of course the father of Junior, who didn’t get to play for Florida in the SEC Championship game due to a DUI arrest. Hopefully all of Senior’s words are accurate. If so, he’s got a good perspective on things. Check it out here.

Sam Hornish
This NASCAR driver works hard at keeping his faith at the forefront and doing the right, faith-driven thing, despite an incredibly busy and hectic lifestyle. Anther nice story from BP Sports.


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