196 posts down and the fun keeps rolling

This is the 196th version of this site that’s been posted in some version or another. What shall we do for the 200th? Maybe if I can turn out a four more before New Year’s Eve, I’ll let them hold a big celebration in Times Square.

New book out
Tom Krattenmaker seems like a decent enough guy, but I vehemently disagree with him, from the excerpts and reviews I’ve read of his book. He just released a book, “Onward Christian Athletes” where it seems like he bashes athletes for expressing their faith. This AP article says he’s not bashing: “Krattenmaker isn’t asking pro athletes to stop talking about religion, just to be more sensitive in their tone and timing. He also sees a credibility-bruising selectivity in the theologically and politically conservative messages evangelicals in sports trumpet.” Another of his many contentions is that they don’t credit God when they lose. Now, I’m not a media expert, nor do I have as many degrees as Mr. Krattenmaker, however, there aren’t a lot of reporters knocking each other over to talk to the losers. It is two different scenarios. I’m not sure if Mr. Krattenmaker uses this term, or it’s the AP writer, but they keep calling the athletes religious. I don’t consider myself religious, but spiritual. My faith is part of my life, it’s part of who I am. Thus, if someone is interviewing me, hopefully that would come out. If a Muslin wants to pray five times a day, we ensure they have a quiet place to express their faith. If a Christian athlete scores a touchdown and kneels in the endzone, doesn’t he have the same right to express his faith?

However, why do we have to write these books criticizing how different Christians practices their faith? I’d guess Mr. Krattenmaker is a very decent guy, and in reality isn’t that diametrically opposed to those he writes about. Why the bashing? Let’s pray for each other vs. pointing out the speck in each other’s eyes. This article expresses a lot of  his views  (I think) and here’s his website, that isn’t updated a lot.

And I’m not saying Mr. Krattenmaker is the only one who does it (I just did it to some level). All extremes of faith do it, but I don’t think the Bible says that we’re supposed to go after each other when we disagree. The world might be a better place if we’d just shut up, practice our faith how we feel Biblically led and let our brother do the same. Why can’t we support each other vs. snarl and bash.. Sighhhh…Let me put my soapbox away now.

Gerald McCoy
The Oklahoma University defensive lineman has said his college career is over after the team’s bowl game. This story says the program will miss his athletic talent, but the city and team will miss his faith-based heart even more.

Tim Tebow
For the ultimate Tebow coverage, go to www.Tebowseyeblack.com. But I’m not trying to infringe on their turf, but this is a few things I pulled together from various blogs: Bulls forward and former Gator Joakim Noah says that Timmy T could play basketball if he wanted to, due to his character. And the TimTeblog points out that amidst prepping for bowls and such, Timmy T is also graduating this weekend. What a role model! Afterwards, he’ll run to a phone booth, put on his Superman outfit and go flying off. And lastly, an image of Tebow in action will grace the walls of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in Orlando. What makes the image special is it was made with tiny BBs comprised of 5 colors, red, green, blue, black and white. Remember, he wears an orange helmet. Check the link out.



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