Tebow’s eyeblack has impact

Today’s posts are pretty much gifts from readers in the sense that people just sent these in. I’ve heard University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow say something along the lines of if his taking a stand for his faith can impact one person, it will be worth it. Well, I guess it’s worth it because this story brought a tear to my eye. It’s from a mom who just lost her 6-month-old baby, but was comforted by the eye black Tim Tebow won in the SEC Championship game.

Now, I’m not one for college ball. I love the NFL, but I’m watching the UF-Alabama game anyway. I’ve heard all the hype about Tebow, but really never gave him much interest.

I looked up today the scripture he had on his eye black, except that I looked up John 16:33 incorrectly thinking it was John 16:22. Here’s 16:22:

“Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.”

If that is not my daughter speaking to me through God, through a college football player…. I don’t know WHAT IS!!! I just cried and cried, and smiled and was comforted.

I am getting better every day. There is relief in her death, because she is free from pain and she is absolutely SAFE. But it is simply UNNATURAL to be seperated from my baby. I described it to a friend recently that living without her is like being forced to live underwater without any gills. I have to come up for air all the time and it is exhausting and HARD. But, I can do it! Just like dolphins can do it by design- so can I. (PS- GO FINS!!!)

So anyway, college football has changed my life.

And by the way- I looked up John 16:33 and I already had highlighted it in my bible on 6/18/09. Tebow and I are literally on the same page.

“I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

If you want to know more about the background on this, go here: Pray for Sydney, Update, “God will give me strength…”, Nurse Angels, “I can’t kiss her enough”, “He will help me heal…”, Three Minutes of Wonderful, Happy six months…, Sydney is in a better place.

Big thanks to Tebow’s Eye Black for bringing this story to our attention. Very touching and very heart-rending. We don’t do a lot of prayer requests on here for a variety of reasons, but today I will say, keep this family in your prayers. I can’t think of anything more difficult to go through than what they did.

Faith runners
Here’s a nice story from Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven community talking about running and runners. While the story is good, what I find especially interesting are the comments at the bottom and how God used the story to touch people’s lives. This one came courtesy of dear old Dad! Thanks Pop.

Albert Pujols
As baseball diehards know, winter meeting are on-going in Indianapolis. That is where owners, general managers and agents get together and iron out contracts, make trades and all sort of other fun stuff. At this moment, much of the talk in St. Louis is about if Albert Pujols will actually become a Cardinal for Life, or walk when this contract expires.

Pujols has said that he’ll go where God leads him. During a ‘chat’ session this is what Cardinals beat writer Joe Strauss had to say about that in response to a question. I bolded the Pujols relevant parts.

I say we pass on Holliday; spread the money around and have less risk- more potential options; plus reap/replace rental(draft) picks. Get DeRosa-1 or Tejada-2 or Beltre-3 for 3rd to combo with Freese. Big Mac will do wonders for the marginal hitters to provide insurance for Pujols. Sign someone who has lost their swing for him to prove his worth and let them shine. Left could be a platoon of Jon Jay, Allen Craig, DeRosa or Sugar Shane. Boost rotation with fixer-uppers Bedard and Sheets, if one goes bad.. drop to bullpen or AAA. Both guys, if they come alive put our 5-man in an excellent position. Add another closer/setup with fireball stuff for Franklin insurance. Do not sweat Pujols…this Christian person is a man of his word… he will be a Cardinal until he retires and the Cards will be competitive. I expect positive criticism! Have FAITH Cardinal Nation!!

Joe Strauss: The Survivalist State weighs in. Thanks for your take, Paul. I’m not sure I buy into your confidence regarding El Hombre. He’s repeatedly made comments that appear to put the org. on the spot. Many athletes say they go where God leads them. Coincidentally, the Creator tends to lead them to the biggest payday. I think there’s a chance Albert is an exception to that Golden Rule. But he’s not going to sell himself way short, especially if he is uncomfortable with 1. The Managerial Situation Beyond TLR, 2. Franchise Direction, 3. And an obvious ploy to play on his “iconic status” as a one-team player. Remember, “There are no breaks.”

Joel’s tip of the day: Enjoy the holidays and don’t forget the reason for the season. If the season stresses you too much, step back, breath deep and if that doesn’t work, do something different. The season ain’t supposed to be about stress.



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2 responses to “Tebow’s eyeblack has impact

  1. Joel,

    Great post today! Thank you so much for sharing that story about the impact Tebow’s eye black had. I am an avid twitter user and you wouldn’t believe how many people tweet the Bible verse Tebow wears week after week. As you know I’m no Gator fan, but I’ll watch them play just to see Tim Tebow. His statement of faith is so powerful. I can’t wait to see his impact in the NFL, both as a player and a Christ follower!


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