Florida golfer loses fight

This story about a former Florida state champion golfer is heartbreaking. But she kept giving, all the way until the end. This column puts things in perfect perspective, and I agree with this quote 110 percent, like anyone cares. “The real heroes aren’t always the ones at the top of the Sports pages.”

Place-kicking Buckeye
An Athletes in Action rep helped get this former soccer player hooked up with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Fans should be appreciative, since the kicker, Devin Barclay, won the game for them Saturday. The kicker played for three years in the Major League Soccer.

Hunter Smith
The Washington Redskins have had a tough season but their punters’ season has been even more difficult (maybe). Their punter is also a Christian rock star in the offseason, here’s that website. Two reasons to go to the site: 1) video of Smith’s touchdown and 2) if you go down the stories, blog posts, etc. on the left, there is a nice story from the Washington Post about Smith’s album and the ONLY member of the ‘Skins to on it.

Ironman fundraiser
Gary Brasher is taking charitable fundraising to an unprecedented level. Most people find a cause and write a check. Some get a little bit more involved and might organize a pledge drive. A few might even take part in a 10-K race or even a marathon to show their dedication. Brasher, on the other hand, is taking physical exertion to its limits as he takes part in three Ironman Triathlons to raise money for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Brasher, 51, isn’t spreading out these triathlons. He’ll be completing three Ironmans (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, 26.2-mile run) in three days, beginning Friday in Tempe. Here’s his event website.

Lorena Ochoa
For Ochoa, one of the world’s top golfers, she’s cutting out a lot of meetings (FCA) and focusing more on her new family. Does anyone think that’s bad?

Tebow’s Eye Black
So we’re clear, I have no relatives or friends even, except the email variety, who work at Tebow’s Eye Black, however, check their site out. They do a great job of posting, lots and lots of info.

Poor UGA…
Sorry Georgia fans, I feel your pain.




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