Arrested Tennessee Vols kneel in prayer

This is the most positive story I’ve seen come out of the University of Tennessee and the arrest of three of their Freshmen. Funny, here’s another story that I read, that says it was an FCA meeting, not AIA. I don’t care what kind of campus ministry, just hope they get things figure out. I think it’s more a matter of poor reporting than campus ministries trying to grab credit.

Wofford College
Nice story from U.S. News and World Report about Wofford College Terriers Head Coach Mike Ayers who credits some of that to his rediscovered Christian faith, which has softened his temper and recast his ideas about the relative importance of the game. “When I accepted Christ, I accepted that life was not just about me,” Ayers says. “That’s a good approach to football as well. When the players learn that the game is not just about them, the team plays better.”

Tommy Bowden
The former Tulane/Clemson head coach said if he gets back into coaching, it’s up to God.

John Wetteland
The former closer, present-day bullpen coach is having a rough time of it regardless of how you cut it. His version is an elevated heart rate, some folks are saying that there was a suicide concern. No matter what the deal is, Wetteland is a class act and dedicated follower of Christ.

Lorenzo Romar and AIA
This weekend’s Athletes in Action Classic holds special meaning for University of Washington basketball coach Lorenzo Romar, who spent seven years with Athletes in Action. Apologies to Seattle Times staff reporter Percy Allen whose lead I stole, but it pretty well summed things up.

Cuban baseball camps
People are being impacted by Christian baseball camps in Cuba.

 High school athlete
A nice story, about a high school student, who has his priorities in order.



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2 responses to “Arrested Tennessee Vols kneel in prayer

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  2. Jason

    I am familiar with the set-up of AIA and FCA at UT. They actually work together in ministry and call the group “Team United”. There are in fact FCA staff and AIA staff so this is why it might have been reported differently.

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