Gary Carter, Albert Pujols and lots more

Former Montreal Expos and New York Mets catcher Gary Carter said his new job, managing at Palm Beach Atlantic University, is “spiritually uplifting.”

Sir Albert
The St. Louis Cardinals slugger just keeps out-doing himself, and I’m talking about generous acts off of the field. Mike Coolbaugh was Pujols former teammate and a minor league 1st base coach who got killed on the field. Friends were having a benefit for his family recently and the dinner’s primary sponsor backed out at the last minute. Pujols once again stepped up, and anted up.

Megan Frazee
Check out the former Liberty University standout’s blog. It gives you a nice insight into life for a professional athlete who is playing overseas. She’s in Turkey right now after playing this past season in the WNBA with San Antonio. After living in Turkey for four years, I read her blog and A) miss some things (the food!) and B) realize she is a courageous young woman who is willing to stand up for her faith wherever she is at.

Tim Tebow
Shocking! Tim Tebow has been nominated by Austin Murphy as the Sportsman of the Year for Sports Illustrated.

Case Keenum
Hey Tebow’s Eye Black, Where’s Keenum’s Eye Black? 🙂 The University of Houston quarter back and Heisman Trophy contender is putting verses under his eyes as well.

It’s always nice when Christians tear into each other, but these Carl Lewis critics do have a point. But why can’t we call each other up and talk vs a press release? Here is Sir Carl’s website. In checking out Mr. McConkey’s website (Lewis’s critic) I believe he’s angry at just about everyone.

Morgan Shepherd
Tony Stewart took a question about Morgan Shepherd this past weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. Here’s the Q and A.

Q. Speaking of Nationwide, you are involved in one team somewhat with Morgan Shepherd. He hasn’t been here the last few years to this track. Why are you involved in his program? What is it about him that inspires you?

TONY STEWART: What inspires us is that he’s so dedicated to what he’s doing. He spends every dime he has to come and support NASCAR and support the Nationwide Series. A lot of times, he’s his own crew chief. His own family is part of his crew. He’s learned how to do a lot with very, very little. You know, it was a situation where Kevin and myself saw the effort he was making, wanted to try to help. It grew larger than what I anticipated doing actually.

You know, it’s hard not to fall in love with Morgan, what he’s doing. He’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever been around. I mean, it doesn’t matter how bad your day is, when Morgan comes around, is talking to you, you kind of forget about how bad your day is and you realize that, you know, you’re helping somebody that truly deserves the help. You know, I’d love to see a good sponsor come along that can help him and help support him, help him get the people that he needs. I mean, he’s got the talent; he’s got the desire, drive, the will to do it. He just needs the support right now. If Kevin and I helping him out this year can help generate some excitement, get some people to come onboard and help out, it would be awesome.

Here’s the link if you want to read the rest of the interview from


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