Yankee pitchers and Sportsman of Year

Yankee pitchers
According to Baptist Press Sports, faith is the key for Andy Pettitte, who has found turning challenges over to God to be vital, and Mariano Rivera turned his entire life over to Christ when he was a teen.

Tony Dungy
Sports Illustrated’s Phil Taylor has a nomination for the magazine’s Sportsman of the Year and makes a great case for Tony Dungy. The Louisville Cardinals would probably vote for him, after the pep talk he gave them. And for those folks over at Tebow’s Eye Black, Dungy says Timmy T will be a Top 5 pick.

Pierce brothers
These baseball fans and supporters were named to the Troy University Baseball Hall of Fame. One of the two is suffering from MS, but is charging it head on. He said his faith is vital to his efforts: “I am who I am,” Terry said. “I’m not a saint but I am a Christian. God has helped me a lot. I feel the power of prayer. When people tell me they’re praying for me, I thank them because I do feel that. (Motivation comes from) people around me and life in general. It’s the passion and motivation within you. I’ve always had a competitive spirit.”

Didn’t know it…
Manute Bol is suffering a lot right now, but I remembered his taxi accident. What I didn’t know is that he’s a devout Christian who refused to convert to Islam.

Glenn Coffee
The former Alabama running back’s FCA Director came and spent some time with him, helping him in his transition to the NFL, and helping him with grocery shopping.


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