Marathon man, baseball players leading bikers to Christ, Montenegro, Dave Bliss, Tim Tebow and world’s longest headline

Ryan Hall
The stand-out runner, who has been mentioned here a bunch, finished fourth in the New York Marathon, and people are looking at that as a complete flop.

Story of the day
This baseball player led this biker guy to Christ, and this story details the end result. If you really want to have some fun, read the comments at the end. 

Using his gifts
This coach found himself using his gifts overseas as he ministered to athletes in Montenegro. Here’s his website.

Dave Bliss
Former Baylor coach Dave Bliss is back in Texas after leaving in the wake of a scandal that started with a player’s killing and snared Bliss in a web of lies and financial shenanigans (that was the lead from the NY Times story). This story, about the same event, is very good as well, and from the Dallas Morning News. And here’s the Austin American-Statesman story about the same event.  

Football camp
Still digging in the oldies but goodies file, and came across this one about a North Carolina football camp, where they try and teach a little more than football skills.

Tim Tebow
This is an old story about how Tebow has fans from other teams because of his faith. Wow, the Bible can bring Gator, Bulldog and Tide fans together!

Jonny Diaz
I’m just posting this one because it’s the craziest baseball/Christian music story I’ve ever seen. If you want a somewhat straight interview with Diaz that talks baseball, music and women, check this one out!


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