Honesty, Colt McCoy, Fields of Faith and even a laugh

I strive to be as honest and forthright as possible on here and in all arenas of my life. So, I must tell you, I seldom cheer for the New York Yankees. If there was a team of baseball players sent up from the pits of hell to play the Yankees, I’d have to take a second to think about who to pull for. Having said that, I really enjoyed Sharing the Victory’s just posted interview with Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira. However, that doesn’t mean I will pull for them during the playoffs!

Colt McCoy
Baptist Press has a nice story on University of Texas’s quarterback Colt McCoy, and about mission trips to Peru and such, and this whole leading his team towards a national championship thing he’s involved in. This is also a nice story from Everyday Christian sharing some insights on McCoy. It’s also a bit shorter.

Fields of Faith
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes annual Fields of Faith is expected to kick off. The event has grown from three schools in 2004 to more than 100,000 at 382 schools in 35 states in 2008. This school is excited and here is FCA’s website about the event.

Death in the heartland
I read this story on Tuesday and meant to post it but procrastination proved king. It’s Sunday morning so I’ll get it done. This story is heart-wrenching in parts and bring a smile to your face in others. It’s one of those packages (also has a video story with it) that it’s worth taking 25 minutes out of your life to read and watch. It takes a dramatic look at a Michigan lineman, Elliott Mealer, and a tragic Christmas Eve accident that left his father and girlfriend of several years dead. What lands it as a story on ChristianSportsOnline is it tells how his girlfriend led him to Christ. Do yourself a favor, check it out, but make sure you have the time to enjoy it and a box of Kleenexes handy. I even liked University of Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez a little more after reading the story.

Tebow’s Eye Black
There are not many websites I go to every day and Tebow’s Eye Black is one of them. In fact, I guess there are four daily sites: Tebow’s Eye Black, AFBlues.com (warning, they occasionally have some rough language), ESPN.com and MRSec.com. The mysterious folks at www.Tebowseyeblack.com just do an exceptional job day in and day out. It’s often funny and can really make me think at times. They’ve even done things I didn’t like. Sunday, they had an artist rendering of Tim Tebow coming out of the tomb dressed like Christ (allegedly, I wasn’t there). Check it out and read their explanation. Makes sense, I just don’t like it. Something I love about the site is how they highlight different ministries and people. I’m a native of south Louisiana, and I’ve learned about ministries from my local area. So, check out the site – regularly. (This announcement was not brought to you because they did a story about CSO) When Tebow’s Florida career is over and any of the fine folks with Tebow’s Eye Black need somewhere to use their creative energies, CSO has a place for them!

Today’s humor
This is a 1981 report, via Youtube, talking about that wacky internet and the future for online news. Those who read this site regularly will find it hard to believe, but I’ve been writing for more than 20 years, and in watching this video, I was going, yep, used that equipment, had one like that. Now, 20 years later, they’re all in newspaper museums.


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