Interesting philosophy on God’s goodness

Big kudos to Tebow’s Eye Black today. As much as I love sports, I’ve got to admit that this editorial/study/post pretty well puts things in perspective.

Here’s how it opens:

We’d like you to consider the following statements:

God is good…if Tim Tebow was never injured.

God is good…if Tim Tebow, and the Gators, go undefeated, win another National Championship, and Tim a second Heisman.

God is good…if Tim Tebow and the Gators don’t win again.

God is good…if Tim Tebow was injured and plays later this season.

God is good…if Tim Tebow was injured and never plays football again.

God is good…if Tim Tebow had been rendered a quadriplegic.

God is good…if Tim Tebow had died on the field and had gone to meet his Maker and Savior.

This site, is doing some very interesting things as they challenge youth to do something, anything, just make a difference. I say that not only because at noon tomorrow, eastern time, they’re putting a little question and answer session up with me. 

Like they say, and I totally agree with, God is GOOD!

To Save a Life
Here’s a review on the Christian movie, To Save a Life, that is one of the better, and more thorough reviews I’ve read on it. Big kudos to writer Sarah Fujimoto who did a great job and offered some interesting thoughts on this movie. The site where it’s posted is interesting as well. It’s called, Wrecked, and this is taken from the ‘About” page. “Wrecked is an online publication born out of a movement. We’re members of a generation that is not content to view the world through the drab lens of materialism and hand-me-down religion. We want more. We want to live life on purpose, actively participating in every gift God has given us.” The site is called and is definitely worth checking out, even though they don’t have a sports section.


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