A Bear Bryant story, and more

There’s a couple of reasons I do this site. One, I really feel like God led me to do it. Period. But reinforcing that, I feel like we learn a lot of lessons from sports – spiritual and life lessons. Today’s faith-based stories aren’t the strongest I’ve ever rolled out. In fact, if it hadn’t been a few days, I probably would just wait til a few more stories piled up and then put them in a strong package. However, my friends who do this with top-notch sites tell me I need to post something at least every few days. So, I’m going to put these up.  However, I think the strongest story is this one. It’s about two football coaches who just tried to do the right thing. Since one of them is named Bear Bryant, I think there’s quite  a few of you who will like it and it showed me, a die-hard LSU fan another side of the old  coach who beat us so regularly. And they really made me smile as I read them. Here’s a column by Roy Exum who is mentioned in the Bear Bryant story about some flak the Cross and banners with Scriptures are getting. Here’s more about the banned banners story.

J.R.  House
You’ve probably never heard of him, unless you’re from West Virginia, but he’s a minor league catcher who’s made several visits to the majors. His career has been interesting to say the least, and this Wikipedia post explains it better than the above story.

Not sure
I’m not sure what to think about this story.  

Mike Brown
This Liberty University backup quarterback is doing well on the football field and has some an interesting testimony on how his coach led him to Christ as well as some nice perspectives on faith. For example, “Don’t let whatever sport it is (you play) become an idol. We (players) are reminded of that every day, that we’re playing to glorify God’s name.”

Did you know…
Mackenzie Phillips’ half sister, Chynna, is a Christian artist and just released an album. I just thought that was interesting so I threw it in today.  There is no sports tie whatsoever.


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