Morgan Shepherd qualifies, finishes well

Finally, a ray of good news for Morgan Shepherd, who nabbed a 20th place finish in the Dover Motorspeedway Nationwide race this past weekend. Shepherd had his secretary serving as crew chief and this is a solid Bleacher Report synopsis of his effort.

Gerald McCoy
University of Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy basically turned down millions to stay in college but is having the time of his life.
I tend to trickle stories out to you one at a time from different sites but today, I’ll break Rule #1 of sites like this.  Don’t send readers somewhere else. However, just go on over to and check out three of the new stories they’ve got  posted. They’re good stuff, especially the story about Tom Pernice Jr. Just make sure you come back.

This is an interesting article, not saying I agree with it, but it certainly made me wrinkle my brow a few times. The article begins with a Bible verse and then talks about how Christians in the Bible Belt view lots of porn (can’t make this stuff up!). The main focus of the article is talking about an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine that features lots of nudity.  

This Islam site covers the NFL moving some games’ kickoffs out of respect to Jewish fans during their Yom Kippur celebration.


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