Redskins coach Man of Faith

The Washington Redskins head coach Jim Zorn is having a rough time of it. Monday, I  heard one radio guy wondering if Zorn was about to be fired. Regardless of Zorn’s play-calling, he’s a Man of Faith through and through. This is a great magazine piece about his faith and career from David Cook publications and this is a little piece in his words from several years ago about his role in the family and following God’s guidance.

Corey Lynch
We focus on those around sports who have a relationship with Christ. When I post a story, I really like to see something where the athlete talks about his or her relationship. However, with Corey Lynch, I’m making an exception. Why? Because he married Billy Graham’s GRANDDAUGHTER and he saved a grandmother who was in a car wreck. Billy Graham’s granddaughter!  He’s got to be a believer, right…

Dungy co-author
Nathan Whitaker, Tony Dungy’s co-author, wrote this editorial for the Washington Post about how athletes should watch their words. It’s good advice for all of us. Here’s his website.

Josh Hamilton
He’s back.


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