Everyday people walking with Maker

You don’t have to be big-time to be trying to maintain a walk with your maker  

So many of us are trying our best to maintain that relationship with God and we’ll never hear anyone cheering us on for scoring a touchdown, hitting a homerun or winning a race. To emphasize this, there are two people today who are being featured because they’re just regular people. One is now a doctor, the other is a fan and this will tell you a little more about their stories.

Bulldog quarterback
Too often, we determine an athlete’s success by number of touchdowns he catches or homeruns he hits. This former Georgia Bulldog quarterback has no regrets, despite only four college starts with three touchdowns and four interceptions. However, anyone who’d say he wasn’t successful today would have to be leaning towards crazy and Brian Smith says the foundation for his medical practice was laid on the gridiron. He met his bride through Athletes in Action.

Super fan
This fan received an award from the team after showing up at the games with her pump for chemotherapy. Being a fan is a gift from God, she said:
“That is a great thing that God has given me a passion for. Through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I have learned the depth of what a real fan is, to support them more than just for wins and losses, but for their hearts and for their souls.”


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