Tebow creates movement

Received an email this morning from a group that is developing a youth challenge around Tim Tebow. Here’s their initial info: The group is called www.tebowsebyeblack.com. Here’s what they said they’re doing.

We are Gator fans in Gainesville, and we’re just enjoying Tebow’s final season as a Gator.

One of the local churches designed and put out the Phil 4:13 tshirts last year, and they became a fan favorite among kids and fans.  So we are trying to encourage people to do a little more than wear a tshirt, but to get out there and write their own “eye black stories” like Tebow.

This initial post tells a little more about what they’re trying to do.

Because the 2009 football season starts soon, we are issuing the following challenge. Whether you are an army of one, a large group, or something in between, our challenge is for you to don your own eye black and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Help a neighbor,
baby sit for a single parent or young couple,
take a kid to a sporting event,
coach a team,
volunteer at your local soup kitchen,
donate to your favorite charity,
send a package to our armed services serving overseas,
lead a support group,
foster or adopt a child in need,
give someone a hug or needed word of encouragement,
or simply put your cart away at the grocery store.

Whatever it is, do something you enjoy!
Be creative.

Small things become large things when added one by one. And whether you realize it or not, someone is watching, and that makes us all leaders. Great and small.

Again, our challenge to you is to don your eye black (with your favorite verse, loved one’s name, area code, or whatever is most important to you), and get out there and do something to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

Send us your stories and photos, and we’ll post them as inspiration for others.

Or post them to the Tebows Eyeblack Facebook wall.

Wherever you may be in life, join us now, and make a difference for good.

Another big plus to the site, if you’re a Tebow fan or stalker, is they post just about everything that Tebow does. The only thing that makes me a tad uncomfortable is this puts so much pressure on a person. But if anyone can stand it, Timmy Tebow can. I’ll be stopping by this site regularly.

Nick Vujicic
This former surfing magazine cover boy, who happens to have no arms or legs, spoke to a group of evangelicals and Latter-Day Saints at the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City.

Jeff Neal
Nice story about former Houston Oiler Jeff Neal who’s part of Team Impact, a ministry that shares the Gospel in schools and churches.

Criminal is the only word that came to mind when I read this blurb about this Freshman who put together a car wash to help bury a teammate who died during a game. It’s great that they did it, but you just shouldn’t have to have a car wash to bury someone.

Bobby Bowden/Charlie Ward/Tim Tebow
Everything is all cleared up now. Some interpreted a quote from Bobby Bowden, head football coach at Florida State University, about Charlie Ward, his former quarterback, comparing him to Tim Tebow saying that Ward was better.  This from the writer should offer some clarity. I know there was no clarity to my second sentence.


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