USC Freshman QB player of faith

Matt Barkley
I felt bad for The Ohio State University Buckeyes Saturday night when University of Southern California Freshman Quarterback Matt Barkley simply took the ball and rammed it down the Buckeyes throat on that last drive. You see, I’m a big Jim Tressel fan and I’ve started feeling bad for him as his teams get beat time after time in big games. However, I got an email from a reader letting me know about Matt Barkley’s faith and just a little bit of digging and I came up with this story from ESPN. Go about half way down if you want to go straight to the part about his faith. Here’s a NY Times piece where Barkley says, “Jesus Christ is No. 1 to me.”

Dave Bliss
Dave Bliss is the former Baylor head basketball coach who admits that, “he did a lot of bad things.” He left Texas because he thought he could never live in the state again, but then along came the grandbaby, causing him to say what the heck. This is a nice story from Sports Illustrated about his speaking engagement at First Baptist Church of Ovilla.

Keith Elias
Keith Elias, a former NFL running back said he finds a lot more fulfillment speaking to teens than he did playing Sundays in the NFL.

Jason Cook
After being cut by the Baltimore Ravens, Jason Cook felt God’s call and is now on staff for the Ole Miss FCA.

Tim Tebow
Have you seen the blog dedicated exclusively to Tim Tebow?


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