Morgan Shepherd not done

The headline on our last update said, “Shepherd done?” We have the answer. His office manager just informed me that he’s headed to Richmond for Friday’s Virginia College Savings 250 and we’re trying to get more details and as soon as we do, they’ll be posted. So, keep checking back.

Shepherd is the 67-year-old Nationwide Series racer that is the driver for his own race team named “Victory in Jesus.” They’ve run into a myriad of challenges over the last season to the point that he laid off nearly his entire team last week.

Shaun Alexander
First off, this story is old but it’s good. Now that I’m enjoying my retirement years (hehe) I’m trying to catch up on all of the stories I’ve missed. So, I’m digging through my inbox and came across this one from July that never got posted, but it’s got some solid truths to it, so I’m sharing. Here ya go. And here’s another story on the event.

Ben Utecht
Christian recording artist and NFL tight end Ben Utecht will be focusing more on the recording aspect of his job title this football season after being placed on Injured Reserve list for the 2009 season by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Paul Byrd
He’s ba-a-a-a-ccckkkkk… Byrd, a major league pitcher (career stats) and an excellent author, is back in major league baseball. His season has been up and down.

Reggie Hodges
Yesterday, we reported that Reggie Hodges made the Jets, although the team wasn’t completely enamored with his punting average of 33 yards per punt. Today, he was cut.

Ryan Succop
The 2009 version of Mr. Irrelavent, University of South Carolina’s kick Ryan Succop who was the last kicker taken in the draft, made the opening day roster of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Josh Hamilton
Hamilton’s achy-breaky back is at it again.


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