Morgan Shepherd done? Lots of other links!

Reggie Hodges
Indianapolis Colts punter Hunter Smith shared his faith with Reggie Hodges in training camp a few years back, and due to Smith’s influence, Hodges began a relationship with God. However, the two were competing for the same job. Hodges was eventually cut and has bounced all over The League (NFL, I’m trying to be cool.)  “I learned to not worry about my job as much as I learned to worry about how I could serve the Lord,” Hodges said. Hodges made the final cut for the Jets, but his job isn’t secure.

Sir Albert
This is a great article that details Pujols’ interaction with a fan at Busch Stadium who fell out of the stands. Sir Albert did everything but provide CPR (wasn’t needed). The fan also had a child with Downs’ Syndrome, like Pujols, and this story details a lot of the fan’s child’s development and growth and how the fan handled it. Another nice article on Albert Pujols that cites his faith as one reason this Buffalo News sportswriter cheers for him.

Morgan Shepherd done?
The ageless racer may be done as far as racing goes. His racing is much more a ministry than a competitive endeavor. Although he was the 38th fastest qualifier at Atlanta, it wasn’t enough to get him into the field due to a list of rules of who is automatically in, etc. This story from Insider Racing News pretty well sums up what happened.

Shepherd’s site,, had these specifics on what happened North of the Border a week ago, and the aftermath.

Berkman done?
Lance Berkman, Houston Astros first baseman, said he’ll “take it to the house” if he’s not playing at the level he expects of himself after next season. Berkman is one of the classiest people in baseball and proud to share his faith.

Tebow eyewear…
That little Timmy Tebow is something. Here’s why he had a new verse on his eye Saturday night in the Gators romp over Charleston.

Another chaplain story…
Baylor University, one of the top Christian schools in the nation, hired a chaplain for their sports teams.

Christian Chapman
This speaker and former baseball player compared visiting church to hitting a grand slam homerun on his website and blog.

Mission trip
A month working in a Honduran orphanage changed this high schooler’s perspective.


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