Darrell Stuckey and The Complete Athlete

Darrell Stuckey
This Kansas University football player seems to have it all together, and his faith where it belongs. I wish there were more role models like him.

Sports Business
These two businessmen have their faith deeply intertwined into their sports-oriented business, that is called, The Complete Athlete. Here’s what one of them said about their direction: “We enjoy what we do and are working to make this a career for us because a career is more than a job. A job is something you wake-up and go to because you have to go. A career is something you wake up and would go to even if you did not have to go. Even though we get tired sometimes because we are still working our full time jobs, have family and personal things to take care of but through it all we know that we are doing what the Lord has called us to do. When you are in the Lord’s will then everything is good no matter the situation. It is a mind set. We look forward to the day when we can be doing T.C.A. full time and enjoying every minute of it!”


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