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(Publisher’s Note: Sorry, it’s been four or five days since I’ve updated but as of Tuesday, I’ll be an Air Force retiree and will have a little more time! J)

Tony Dungy
I normally save the Tony Dungy clips for Tuesdays but just rolled across this one and thought it was so good I’d better post it immediately. It’s by the site’s good friend Art Stricklin (who normally is very adept at keeping the site up on the stories he’s working on but I had to find this one for myself)!  But it details more of Dungy’s initial visit with new Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick while he was in prison and Dungy’s perspective on the situation.

David Greene
Former University of Georgia quarterback David Greene threw out the first pitch at a Savannah Sand Gnats game, as he was in the area supporting FCA’s efforts. He shared his faith with this Savannah television station. Make sure you click the video on the right of the screen.

Berry Tramel
I cut and pasted this from Berry Tramel’s blog at  Normally, I stay away from a lot of this stuff but I put this in for two reasons. One, Eric Thunander received lots of coverage here last year, and I’m not trying to get even, but I do believe in openness and honesty. The guy has made a huge mistake but he still needs our prayers and to some level, our support. The second reason is Tramel has some very solid wisdom at the end. Here’s a longer piece about Thunander.

Disgusting stories just keep coming

Posted by berrytramel

on August 26, 2009 at 9:34 pm

Wednesday was a day full of startling news. News that makes you wonder about the future of society.

* Ex-Sooner football player Eric Thunander, 29, was charged in Cleveland County District Court with three counts of lewd acts with a child and one count of possession of child pornography. Just last year, the deaf Thunander published a book, Silent Thunder, in which he detailed his life of overcoming depression and drug addiction and a dysfunctional family.

* Joshua Spires, 28, former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Jay in Delaware County, was charged with 10 counts of of lewd molestation. He is accused of having consensual sex with a 15-year-old girl from his church, with some of the acts coming on his desk where he also prepared sermons. The relationship allegedly started when Spires was the church’s youth pastor.

* And Millwood Middle School assistant football coach Larry Ray Buck, 50, was arrested on complaints of lewd acts with a former female student, who was 14 at the time.

The stories just kept coming, one after another. An inspirational athlete. A pastor. A coach. All facing disgusting charges. Three men easy to trust. Which could be part of the problem. Easy trust can lead to a relaxed guard.

This Wednesday was a valuable reminder to us all, a lesson that we don’t really know people just because of reputation or titles or position.

The story of Thunander will hit hardest, because while few Oklahomans have heard of Buck or Spires, thousands have followed Thunander, who was one of Bob Stoops’ early recruits and, despite a rollercoaster beginning, seemed to be a success story. As recently as last May, Thunander spoke at the baccalaureate service for Norman graduates. Now his life is in tatters again.

And we all are further warned. Be wary of people with access to our children, no matter their title, no matter their fame.


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