“Why is Tony Dungy supporting Michael Vick?”

A friend asked me Monday, “Why is Tony Dungy supporting Michael Vick?”

“This is Monday, that question will be answered on Tony Tuesday,” I said. Well, I missed Tony Tuesday thanks to a 12-hour workday (got to pay the bills somehow!) but have some interesting Tony Dungy hits we’ll share. This is a woman’s blog from Christianity Today and Laura Leonard’s logic train is very well thought out in regards to the former dogfighter Michael Vick.

The Washington Post, in their usual stellar manner, does a very thorough job with this story of Vick, his release, and some of his interactions with Dungy.

Here are my bottom line feelings on Vick. He did some bad things in his past. Not just the dogs but he stumbled time after time and the dogs were kind of the capstone event. If Vick hasn’t changed his ways but is putting on a dog and pony show (poor pun intended), then he’ll show his true colors sooner or later. If Tony Dungy is in his corner, I can hang out in his corner. Regardless, let’s say a prayer or two for him. It’s kind of Biblical to pray for others.

And Dungy is doing more than just holding Vick’s hand, keeping him out of trouble and mentoring the wayward QB. He’s produced a movie, frustrated this Chicago news outlet by criticizing Bear QB Cutler and praising unemployed wide receiver Marvin Harrison and this website that makes my design look good, says Dungy is keeping his retirement word.


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