Hamilton slips and lots more

Hamilton slips
Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton, a recovering drug addict, slipped off the wagon this past January. In his usual fashion, he manned up and dealt with it. This column says it pretty well.

Nick Vujicic
This man was born with no limbs and tried to commit suicide when he was 10-years-old. However, he’s passionately preaching about his Christ on streets around the world now, visit his website.

Wayne Simien
Remember University of Kansas basketball player Wayne Simien who won All-American honors in high school and college? Well, after four years of playing professionally at home and abroad, he’s retired and is going to minister full-time. He’s begun a ministry named, “Called to Greatness” and a magazine, “Youth Fitness Magazine.”

Rod Woodson
The former Steeler, Raven and Raider Rod Woodson was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame August 8.. What wasn’t front and center was the fact he’s studying to be a minister at The Well Church in Dublin, Calif. He’s under the tutelage of another former NFLer, Napoleon Kaufman.

Fisher DeBerry
Former Air Force Academy football coach Fisher DeBerry was often criticized for supposedly overstepping his boundaries when it came to his faith. He never really wavered but it seems like he’s really enjoying his retirement years, and still starting his day with Bible Study.


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