BPSports offers very good baseball stories

Two nice baseball articles on www.bpsports.net. First, is an article I really like on Justin Masterson. I started this site after reading one of the Best Sportswriting in 200- (don’t remember exactly which one) and thinking there’s some good Christian sports journalism out there, it should be gathered in one place.  Voila, www.ChristianSportsOnline.com is born. This paragraph right here, by Joshua Cooley about Masterson, is one of the best I’ve read lately.

“Ladies and gentlemen – and Christian traditionalists whose eyebrows are now arched – meet Justin Masterson, the Boston Red Sox’s 24-year-old rising star whose deliciously dichotomous nature is as intriguing as his slingshot right arm. He’s a freewheeling spirit with conservative values. He’s a preacher’s kid who is neither a goody-two-shoes nor an angry rebel. He’s young but bald. He’s rich and talented, but relatable and humble.”

If you’re going to read one article this week, the piece about Masterson should be it. Here it is.

Another good article BPSports has up is about Matt Tuiasosopo.  He’s had some good times in sports, but this isn’t exactly the best of times for the former major leaguer, who’s 2009 season is very much in question. Regardless of where his career is, he’s just trying to do what his mom told him. “rely on the Lord, much as he has been doing since he was a boy. His mother Tina once told him to have fun, glorify God and honor Him in everything.”


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