Meeting Pujols ESPY

I try not to make this an all about Joel site, but a site about Christian athletes, which is much more interesting anyway! J So, I’ll share this since it combines the two. I’m completely pumped up — Going to watch Albert Pujols play tonite at the new Busch Stadium. Went to his restaurant Wednesday and got to hold his ESPY, and yes, there will be a pix posted on Facebook by the end of the week. Once I get home and figure out how to download it. Here’s to Albert popping one, or two, out of the stadium again tonite pushing the Cards to another National League Central leading win. The Cards are 21-5 whenever he homers. Okay, enough of my babble, let’s find some links.

KU star
This Kansas University athlete is reaching out into his college community, with the help of a few teammates.

Boxing star
Scott Ledoux shared his faith at a recent event and used an interesting acronym, BOX, to share his faith.

Shaun Alexander
The former Seahawks running back is doing a revival-like tour where he shares his faith. He’s also hoping to be in an NFL training camp this summer.

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