#150 — Milestone mark with plenty of links

Unbelievable! We’ve put up 150 posts now. I’m just a bit disappointed that we didn’t get it posted on July 4th, when we could have said that there were fireworks celebrating. Our vision is strong and we’re plugging away. Those who have read our posts, Thanks. Those who have helped with the site, Super big Thanks!

Although some days I look at the back room that keeps our number of readers and such and see how many people who visited the site and I say, “Why are we doing this?” Then, there are other, more upbeat times when I say, “wow.” Reality is, I really feel called to do this. I think it’s something God wants us to do, so I’ll keep plugging away. Feel free to forward to all of your friends or just read yourself. Also, send in any articles that you feel belong on our site to joelalangton@hotmail.com.

Remember, any successes we have aren’t a me thing, or an us thing, but a God thing.

Kurt Warner
Plugged Jim Tressel’s book last night and first thing this morning my phone was ringing and it was Kurt Warner calling to ask when I was going to mention his new book. Okay, I’m kidding about the Warner calling me deal, but he does have a new book out. It’s called First Things First, The Rules of Being a Warner and here’s the opening chapter.

Here’s a couple of stories and releases about the book:
On the Record with Fox News (transcript, not video)
Newspost Online
News story from book signing.

Brandon McArthur
This is a story on the Florida Gators’ first baseman Brandon McArthur, who was at Florida for about six years and fought through injuries and beatings, but never missed a chance to share his testimony.

Special Olympics
Nice short story on a ministry that focuses on Special Olympics.


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