Sorry for the hiatus

Life took some interesting turns this past week, thus, we took a little break from the site. Sorry to our regular readers. This  is the post that was supposed to go up.

Josh Hamilton
Smart people are saying the Rangers outfielder will be back with the Rangers any day now, Hamilton says he’s not real sure but is only looking for one thing. “Anything that happens happens for a reason, for a greater purpose. I need to be in tune with God’s will for my life instead of my will for my life.”  He’s back on the Rangers’ roster as of June 6. Despite not having a stellar season, or even good, fans voted  him into the All-Star game.

Sports ministry
Story about some missionaries who started a sports ministry in South America.

Matt LaPorta
Matt LaPorta is back in the minors after a stint with the Cleveland Indians and says it’s in God’s hands when he gets back to the majors.

Brandon McArthur
The Florida Gator senior first baseman won the CLASS award from Lowe’s. The acronym stands for Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying in School. If you’re wondering why he won the award, put his name in the search engine above and read some of the past stories we’ve posted about him. Amazing individual who has overcome a lot of challenges during his college career. Sadly, I haven’t seen any notions of him extending his baseball career.

Pure moments gone
This writer mourns the loss of pure moments in sports, and I think he might have a point.

Surf camp
Here’s a story about a camp I’ve never been to, and I went to a bunch as a kid but never a surf camp.

Barry Manuel
This former Major Leaguer pitcher misses the big leagues but appreciates the attitudes of the players he coaches at Westminster Christian Academy in Opelousas, La.

David Clyde
You’ve really got to dig into the memory bank to remember David Clyde but at one time, he was the next big pitcher. No. 1 draft pick of the Astros and the huge expectations that come with that. His life has changed and instead of being a 300-game winning Hall of Famer, he won 18 games during his time in the majors. He coaches teens now and says, “I think God has led me in this direction. I think this is what he wants me to do, and I think he would be disappointed in me if I gave up on my kids.”

Roy Exum
Mr. Exum, columnist extraordinaire who is based out of Chattanooga, does it again. Found anther incredibly touching story and did a touching, eye-opening column. Here’s the Boston Globe story that initially caught his interest. After reading this story, I ask myself: “Could Book Clubs be part of the solution to the homeless challenge?” Oh, and if you’re wondering the sports angle is, Exum is a former sports writer.

Pete Maravich
Nice story about Pete “Pistol” Maravich, who happened to play at the greatest university ever.

Jay Riemersma
Looks like this former NFL player is going to run for Congress on a platform of Republican family values.


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