Coach lives life well lived

On the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated is high school football coach Ed Thomas, who was shot by a former player last week. It’s really a testament to that whole Biblical, “life well lived” thing. Good story. The story really speaks volumes about how we should do our best in all that we do. Coach Thomas really dedicated himself to some things, and it spoke volumes about his character. This is the part of the Sports Illustrated story that spoke to me the loudest and that I’d have a real challenge with:

“The people of Parkersburg will remind you that being a good Christian means being able to forgive—even the family of an accused killer. Two days after the shooting, Joan Becker got out of her car in front of the Thomas house, and by the time she reached the stoop she was weeping. The door opened and she was welcomed inside. “We need to pray for the Beckers too,” said Todd Thomas, 28, the younger of the coach’s two sons. “They need just as much support as we do.”

While the Beckers may be judged outside Parkersburg, within its borders they are portrayed as a model family that did everything possible for a wayward son. Mary Schwennen said she plans to cook meals for the Beckers in addition to the Thomases. “We don’t blame them for this at all,” said Aplington-Parkersburg superintendent Jon Thompson. “We send them nothing but our best. I know it might seem strange, all the support they’re getting here, but it feels right to us.”

However, this Yahoo story is a bit longer, but very well done! Read it for yourself and if you read these two stories, and you’re not touched, all I can say is I’m sorry. Coach Thomas lived his life well and is an inspiration to many.


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