Iowa coach leaves powerful legacy

This is a little snippet from the GazetteOnline about the Iowa high school football coach who was shot in the weight room late last week:

Thomas was “a close friend and mentor” who often offered encouragement to young coaches, said Aundra Meeks, head football coach at Columbus Catholic High School in Waterloo.

“He shared his faith and taught me leadership,” Meeks said.

At regular services earlier Sunday, congregations at eight Parkersburg churches lamented their loss and grappled with the age-old question — Why does a loving God allow evil to befall good people?

“We simply need to trust that God will bring about the good,” the Rev. Ryan Zurbriggen told his congregation at Calvary Baptist Church.

The Rev. Keith Sievers, pastor of the Bethel Lutheran Church, told his congregation that God will help them “make sense where there is no sense” and will help them “see the good in a world that knocks us down again and again.”

Parkersburg’s faithful also expressed the need to pray for both the Thomas family and the family of Mark Becker, the 24-year-old former Aplington-Parkersburg football player charged with killing Thomas.

Wendall Abkes, a deacon at Calvary Baptist, asked God to be with Mark Becker. “As written in the word of God, we are to forgive and pray for those in need,” he said.

There are so many stories that talk about Ed Thomas and his faith.

If you want to know more about the coach, here’s the transcript from his funeral today. If you want to know more, simply put his name in Google. There’s lots of inspirational stuff out there about him.

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