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Chris Coste
Great interview in the New York Daily News with Philadelphia Philly catcher and author of The 33-Year-Old Rookie. I just finished the book and it’s a great baseball story that details his long trip to the majors.

I’ve read the book, done with it now. It’s a good book, but won’t make my shelf for a book to keep forever. So, since I’m such a swell fellow, and appreciate ChristianSportsOnline readers so much, I’m going to give the book to someone. Simply send an email to joelalangton@hotmail.com and offer a suggestion to improve the site. Whatever you’d like to see us do better, share in a nice way. Next Sunday, we’ll draw a name, I’ll email you back and then send me your physical address. Easy as that.

Shock of the day!
Speaking of books, another athlete has written a book! Hard to believe, but former Carolina Panther Mike Minter, an almost-politician, is on the book-signing rounds now.

Jake Peavy
Bummer for Jake Peavy. The San Diego Padres ace, who has spent much of the year on the trading block, probably won’t have to listen to any more talk about trades for awhile. He’s going to be out of action until after the All-Star break. This is a great story about him and his faith written by Jill Ewert last year.

Ben Utecht
More from the Bengal end who just released his first album. This is an original story I hadn’t seen. 

Danny Wuerffel
Desire Street Academy, the school run by Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel, is closing its doors but hopes to reopen as a public charter school.

Another politician
This is from MSNBC.com: “Former professional football player Jay Riemersma announced Thursday via YouTube that he had filed papers to form an exploratory committee that will allow him to fundraise for a possible bid in Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District… “In November 2008, he signaled his politics when he penned a letter to the editor in the Holland Sentinel titled, ‘How could Christians vote for Obama?’ In that letter, Riemersma argued that faith should ‘permeate every aspect of our lives.’ ‘Too many Christians shroud their God-given light with misguided intentions and uninformed choices,’ Riemersma wrote. ‘Moving forward to the next election, I implore all Christians to base their vote not on a political party or a polished politician but, rather, on biblical principle.'” Here’s the story from Politico.com. Here’s the Youtube announcement.

Prayer request
We don’t do many prayer requests on here, for a variety of reasons, but making an exception here. Keep Olympic snowboarder Andy Finch in your prayers, watching your father on trial can’t be easy to go through.


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