Tony Tuesday

Tony Tuesday #3
We throw all of Tony Dungy’s stories in one heap and pass them out on Tuesdays. Interesting change-up here is this story featuring Coach Dungy being a tad critical of Jay Cutler. Unusual for him.  Even Tony Dungy has regrets. He said he wishes he and Michael Vick would have taken that fishing trip they planned. He’s speaking at a former fellow coach’s luncheon, that is used raise money to send kids to camp. Announced he’s got a job now! As an announcer for NBC, and this is the Pro Football Weekly version of same story. He’s also selling license plates for Florida. 

Ben Utecht
A lot of articles have come out about Cincinnati Bengal Ben Utecht, who just released a Christian album, but in my opinion, this story might be the best.

Turner Gill
The Buffalo University coach sounds like quite the motivational speaker here, but he’s just a winning coach who gives Christ the credit for his success.


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