Big Puma speaks

Lance Berkman
Sharing the Victory magazine hit another homerun this month with the cover story on Lance Berkman. The story is good. I’m always interested in Berkman’s quotes. Here’s a good one from the story. “People respect determination and desire and those who want to be excellent in all areas of life,” he said. “If you’re claiming to be a Christian but are not working as hard as you could or competing to win, people aren’t going to take you seriously in other areas. I’ve always thought Christians should work harder than anybody else.

Texas QBs
Colt McCoy and Case Keenum are teaming up again off the field to support FCA.

Crazy? You decide…
Well, I think this writer’s critique of the Christian sports community is interesting, and I respect the fact that he made me think.  However, I didn’t agree with his bottom line. If an athlete wants to share his faith after the game, that’s their right. If an atheist is offended, that’s a bummer. But on the other hand, if the atheist wins a game and wants to say no one, especially God, didn’t help him win a game, that’s his right. It’s my right not to put that athlete’s poster up. I also may not agree with an athlete’s theology but then again, there’s a lot of people’s theologies that I don’t agree with.

Not sports
This is an interesting interview with Christian recording artist Amy Grant with Sally Quinn. Check it out and see what you think.


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