Tony Tuesdays kick off

So, Tuesdays will be Tony Tuesdays. A quick look at the below list shows how busy Tony Dungy is. Rather than trickle stories about him out throughout the week, I decided the best way to do it was put all these little stories together into one big mini story. So, here they are! Now, if he does something really, really major like finds a cure for cancer, we’ll post it on a day of the week other than Tuesdays (Cancer cure Friday?). Otherwise, Dungy is here on Tuesdays and Tuesdays only. Please don’t misunderstand, I have oodles of respect for the man, just feel like he deserves his own day of the week.

 It’s been a busy week for the former Colts coach. Here, he was in Iowa speaking at a FCA banquet, AP said he’s super busy as well, he organized a job fair that flopped  in Indianapolis (you can’t win every time), met with 2 Louisiana high school coaches, counseled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, started a blog,  Oh yeah, and his friends, say he’s coming back to coaching. How would he ever have time? His agent denies that he’s been contacted by producers from Dancing With the Stars!

 Megan Frazee
I know who I’m pulling for in the WNBA this year: San Antonio Silver Stars and not just because they’re the only WNBA team within driving distance but they just picked up another outspoken Christian to play alongside Megan Frazee, another Liberty University graduate.


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