NASCAR, Dungy and the whole gang

Brad Coleman

Young NASCAR driver Brad Coleman is trying to make his mark on the NASCAR circuit and he couldn’t be with a better team, Joe Gibbs Racing. Coleman is driving in the Nationwide Series, which is just a notch down from the Sprint Cup, for you non-NASCAR types. It’s another good piece from Baptist Press, who does a great job putting quality sports journalism out there. Here’s the latest on Gibbs’ efforts.


Dungy and Vick

Anybody who has visited this site twice, knows that we post plenty of info about Tony Dungy. Here’s a story he wrote after visiting Michael Vick in Leavenworth.


Siran Stacy

It’s such a cliché to call Stacy a modern-day Job, but in some ways, it’s so appropriate. The former Alabama star had his wife and three out of four children killed one night. Here’s a little about what his life has been like since.



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3 responses to “NASCAR, Dungy and the whole gang

  1. Speaking of Dungy, have you checked out his blog? There’s some good stuff posted there.


  2. charles obrien

    We ought to follow this Coleman kid around and support his efforts. He is another Tim Tebow/Colt McCoy kind of young man who drives 200 mph race cars. There is a reason he is with Gibbs and this promising star will shine God’s light on a lot of people!

    His website is


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