#125 — A lot of this and that!

Warrick Dunn
You don’t hear Dunn sharing his faith a lot, but his actions are Christ-like. This Baton Rouge Morning Advocate story details how Dunn put his 85th family into a home.

Whisenhunt & Co.
Arizona Cardinal head football coach Ken Whisenhunt could relate to the pain of these two Augusta State College basketball  players, who just missed out on a national championship the last two years. “We both shared stories on what it was like to go to a national championship and we both had similar ideas on how appreciate what we went through,” one of the two said after getting to meet Whisenhunt at an FCA Banquet in Georgia.

Jack Kemp
Charles Colson, of Watergate and Prison Fellowship fame, wrote an editorial on the former quarterback.

Lance Berkman
The Astros first baseman may be in a slump of sorts, but he’s still leading his teammates in prayers when one of the coaches may be looking at a cancer diagnosis. The coach eventually had his kidney removed. And on a different note, Berkman wasn’t afraid to speak out when Manny Ramirez was suspended.

Doc Rivers
I was once interviewing Pat Williams, Orlando Magic Vice President of something or the other and Doc Rivers walked by and Williams said Rivers was a man of faith. I’ve never seen Rivers speaking out about his faith (and it could be I missed it!) but going by this article, he’s really willing to step into the gap when needed.

Ben Utecht
This tight end turned singer’s album continues to do well. Here’s a feature the StarTribune did on the aspiring singer.

Athletes of the Year
Saint John University’s Joe Daly and Western Michigan University’s Tim Hiller, who both started FCA Huddles on their campuses, were named the Athlete of the Year in each athletes’ respective conference.


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