#122 — Mission trips, Bibles and Pirates

Mission trip

Every wonder what it is like to go to a mission trip to Trinidad? Well, Tim Hiller, quarterback from Western Michigan did a nice daily journal about his trip on the school’s website. This is a pretty long feature on Hiller’s trip. Here’s a bit about his football career. Before a fall snap is taken, Hiller is projected as at least a Top 10 quarterback, if not a Top 5 in the NFL draft. A big kudos to Western Michigan University for posting all the info about the trip on their site.


Khiry Cooper

Too often, I find myself posting these, “I’m-a-Christian-and-just-won-a-championship-and-Christ-is-the-reason-stories. As Christians, we’re not always on top of the world. Here’s a story on Khiry Cooper, who’s outspoken about his faith, but isn’t exactly on top of the world right now, and his faith isn’t shaken one iota. He’s only a Freshman in college, by the way.


Mike Singletary

The 49ers coach, Bears Hall of Famer, is a tough guy, but his style is attracting some other guys who want an established standard, according to this story.


Bibles for athletes

This former college athlete now is raising money to give Bibles to college athletes.


Pirate pitcher

This pitcher feels like part of his calling is to pray before every inning. Check out the Story in FCA’s Sharing the Victory magazine.


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