Controversy at CSO?

What do you think?
Here’s my perspective. Lane Kiffin, University of Tennessee head football coach, finally did something I like. Today he signed Daniel Hood, a 19-year-old participated in a rape when he was 13-years-old. Chris Low’s story pretty well sums everything up here. I’m not in favor of what Daniel Hood did, in fact, if it had involved a family member of mine, I”d have wanted to shoot him. However, he’s changed his ways, according to the PR.  From what I’m reading, and I don’t know who’s around him helping him make this  stuff up,  but Hood isn’t making up any excuses. He’s said I don’t deserve this chance. He’s also said this, which really put me on his side. Luckily, through Christ, I’ve become someone different from who I was, and who I am now is not who I was when that happened. The only thing I ask is that people give me a chance to prove who I’ve become.” Even the victim wrote a letter supporting him. I’m totally in favor of a chance. If he steps out of line, drop the hammer, but til then, let’s see what the kid does. Agree or  disagree? We’ve got a comment box down below.

Morgan Shepherd
Ageless veteran is how this release describes Morgan Shepherd here, and it’s one of many appropriate adjectives. He’s making his 250th start in the Nationwide Series this weekend at Darlington. Shepherd’s team, Race With Faith Motorsports, is very evangelistic and you can check more out about them here.

Bill Glass
I’m so ignorant. I thought Bill Glass was retired, but this story says he’s on the road every weekend. Here’s his website.

Upward, onward
This church started a youth sports league that seems to be impacting lives.


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One response to “Controversy at CSO?

  1. I have sort of the same feelings as you about Daniel Hood. From all I’m reading and hearing, he has really turned his life around. His former teachers and principal have nothing but praise for him. So, I say kudos to Kiffin for having the guts to give this kid a chance when no one else was willing to take a risk. GO VOLS!!!

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