Masterson vs. his hero

Justin Masterson
This young Red Sox pitcher, Justin Masterson, faced off against one of his heroes last week, Andy Pettitte. Pettitte’s one of Masterson’s heroes because of the way he pitches but more so because of the way he lives his faith. In this case, David beat Goliath. Masterson notched his 9th major league victory while Mr. Pettitte has his 128th loss against 219 wins. This is a nice blog post about Masterson from 2008.

 Chris Clemons
It wasn’t necessarily a village that raised Clemson wide receiver Chris Clemons, but a church, according to his Mom in this story. Luckily for young Clemons, he gets to play for the best team in the NFL!

 Vick and Dungy
Looks like Michael Vick and Tony Dungy will be getting together before the former is released from the big house.

No to Bibles?
This school district has tried to say no to teachers having Bibles on their desks, but even the students stood by their teachers, who was a former leader with FCA.


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