Klein kicks, Kemp dies and Britt drafted

Who is the best American soccer player? Didn’t know, did you? Well, some consider it to be LA Galaxy’s Chris Klein. Sharing the Victory magazine, produced by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, has a great feature on him.

Jack Kemp
ormer Buffalo Bill quarterback Jack Kemp, who went on in life to make a slight impact in politics, died today. He was cut by five NFL teams and played for two, Chargers and the Bills, although the Chargers weren’t an NFL team then. Then, he did some political things, like get elected to Congress and was a vice presidential candidate. One thing I always liked about him, he was straight up in the sense he didn’t use the Christians. He was a man of faith, but didn’t wear it on his sleeve, just lived it. This story describes how his football shaped his politics.

Kenny Britt
Nice story about Tennessee Titans’ first round draft pick Kenny Britt out of Rutgers. He was the 30th player taken in the draft. Both stories attest that much of Britt’s success is due to his attitude. If you can only read one story, read the first one from www.app.com out of New Jersey. It tells more about Britt’s faith, his uncle’s mentoring and what the two did a few nights before the draft. The second story is more nuts and bolts football stuff. This story describes his impressive first day in the NFL.


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