Another Hodge Podge

Steve Fitzhugh

Remember Steve Fitzhugh, safety for the Denver Broncos? Probably not, since he only played in three games but there are plenty of kids in America today who know of himsince he’s become quite the high school speaker. He has a way of connecting with teens with a knack for making kids think. Here’s a 15-minute video from a high school presentation that really shows the impact of peer pressure. Here’s a story about a recent presentation he gave in Virginia and here’s his website that seems a tad outdated.


Glenn Coffee

Here’s a nice story about Alabama running back Glenn Coffee. Story is from Pat Robertson and Company (700 Club). He was drafted in the third round by the San Francisco 49ers.


Albert Pujols

Even the New York Times, which knows everything that is righteous and good (sarcasm!) declared Sir Albert one of the best.


Kay Yow

The former coach’s impact is evidenced in this well done blog post by Mechelle Voepel of ESPN fame, although I think the coach’s impact is deeper than skin deep.


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