ESPN tackles teleevangelists

I love ESPN. I also love their show, Outside the Lines which takes a little more of an indepth look at different subjects every week. However, I was incredibly disappointed two Sundays ago when I watched OTL’s show, Televangelist and Athletes. There were several disappointing things about it to me. 1) It seemed like Host John Barr was almost saying, “What right do these athletes have to tithe? They make too much money to tithe 10 percent!” 2) It seemed like the team at ESPN pretty much wanted to go after the churches. 3) I shall not tell a lie, some of the preachers seemed a bit crazy as well, but if that’s the church Player X decides to go to, It’s a free country!


Here’s what two others had to say about the show. This one by Tom Jones (No, not that Tom Jones) in Tampa Bay Online and this one is by Peter Elliott in a blog called Everyday Christian.


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