Football only Monday

Seth Olsen

If you want NFL draft coverage, well, our competitors (giggle) like ESPN and Sports Illustrated have given you plenty. So, we’re going to help slowly wean you off of the whole draft fiesta. It may be years before we get you the last story from this year’s draft that is relevant to Christian athletes. So, we start off the coverage with the most overlooked position of them all, unless your name is Michael Oher, and that is offensive linemen. Today’s ignored wonder kid is Iowa’s Seth Olsen. Here’s a story about his latest venture (last line of the story is my favorite) and here’s a story about the Broncos drafting him. Here’s a little bit about his faith from two months ago.


Danny Wuerffel

Once again, Danny Wuerffel, the Heisman Trophy winning, former Florida Gator quarterback is leading Gator Nation to great things. You’ve got to read this one to believe it! And, when Wuerffel’s not leading the effort to clean up America, he’ll be speaking at the Night of Champions in Florida with that other quarterback from Florida.


Bad news

Two Faulkner University (Montgomery, Ala) football players were killed last week. The coach, Gregg Baker, said the only thing that eases the pain is, “the fact that we all know exactly where they are, and that’s with our God in Heaven.” Here’s the school’s release.


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