#110 Female athletes pursuing their faith



    Laura Klock (left) and her daughter Valerie

    Laura Klock (left) and her daughter Erika

    Today’s ChristianSportsOnline features female athletes exclusively. There was no special thought, it just kind of worked out like that. Have a GREAT day and thanks for all of the support and kind words.





    Racing woman

    The South Dakota Fellowship of Christian Athletes Honor Athlete Luncheon is taking a slightly different tact at their event. A) they have a female speaker and b) she’s from the world of racing. Laura Klock, one of the fastest women in the world on a motorcycle will be their guest speaker next week. Here are some Youtube videos, where she primarily talks about building really fast motorcycles and her daughters, who have also set land-speed records. Video 1 and Video 2.


    Elna de Villiers

    This Mississippi State University tennis player from Africa learned a lot playing tennis in America, and helped her doubles partner develop a relationship with Christ. Another great story from FCA’s Sharing the Victory magazine.


    Leah O’Brien-Amico

    The 3-time Olympic gold-medalist shared her faith with the Bob Jones High School chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and was guest speaker at the 2009 Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Fast Pitch Softball Invitational Tournament, according to this story in the Huntsville Times.  It’s a good, succinct story that shares her faith-based message.



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