Brandon Jacobs, Phillies, share faith

Brandon Jacobs

The New York Giants running back has hit the speaking circuit for Fellowship of Christian Athletes around his old stomping grounds near Southern Illinois University. Here’s some of the coverage his tour received each day.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Here’s a snippet of Jacobs’ advice.

“While you’re young and in college, it’s a good time to give your life to the Lord,” he said. “While you’re in college, I would strongly encourage you to keep God close. It’s for your own good. He will make everything happen for you if you give him the chance.”

This quote was from Lee Winkler’s article in The Southern.


Once Jacobs got home, he spoke about how hurt he was when the Giants released Plaxico Burress.


Philly Phaith

Nice story about these two Philly catchers who shared their faith at a recent Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Athletes in Action function.


Rick Gage

This former football coach who is now an evangelist is making his mark in small-town America. He leads crusades and has sports camps.


Tim Tebow

Tebow was able to raise quite a bit of money for ministries this past week, about $250,000.


Roy Exum

I admit it, I’m a big Roy Exum fan. The Chattanooga columnist turns out some awesome work. There is nothing sporting to this story, but I was thinking all the way through it, so I’ll just share and you can decide how you feel about it!


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