Tight end turned singer, and more…

Ben Utecht

Is it a good thing if you’re a NFL player and your coach says: “However, I always thought his real impact would be in Christian music.” My sarcasm tends to think, “Gee coach, thanks a lot.” After listening to cuts off of Cincinnati Bengals tight end Ben Utecht’s debut album, I tend to think that once again Tony Dungy, father of above quote is correct. The album, creatively named, Ben Utecht, is good. And considering that Utecht now plays for the Bengals, who haven’t set the world  on fire lately, his impact will  probably be in Christian music. Good call coach!

Here’s the story in Christianity Today, and here’s an Australian story and here’s his website.  


Neal Jeffrey

Who is Neal Jeffrey? If you’re a Baylor fan, you remember him as the quarterback who helped you beat University of Texas for the first time in a long time in 1974. If you’re a member of Prestonwood Baptist Church, you know him as an associate pastor. If you’re, aaaahhhhhh, never mind, here’s the story about his recent speech at the Big Country FCA Banquet. Here’s another story in the Baylor Alumni magazine about Baylor’s historic season.


A Christian Champion?

You won’t appreciate the subhead above until you read the story. However, this young man, who’s dad was a Florida Gator chaplain, is now setting the high school ranks on fire.



This article about the FCA in and around Hannibal, Mo gives a lot of background on the how and why of the organization.


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